Earth Continues to Take the World by Storm (09/04/2014)
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Arkin Ilicali, successful world musician who is always on the lookout for new inspirations, came back from a six-year hiatus with his 2013 album, Earth. Earth, which rose up to number four out of the two hundred albums on the World Music Chart Europe (WMCE), reunited Ilicali with his fans. His concerts in Canada, India, Turkey, France, Belgium, and Germany also brought him face to face with his fans.

Mercan Dede: After 50 Years, Zocalo Hosts

Mexico City, Mexico played host to the Festival Centro Historico between 12-23 March, 2014. Over 200 cultural acts took place over the course of the festival with 400,000 attendees. All branches of art and creativity came together during the festival with 55 noted names from all over the world representing the musical component. Artists like Akram Kahn, A Filetta, Alexander Toradze, Ji-hae Park, Muguel Poveda, and Tanya Tagaq along with Mercan Dede performed in the historic Zocalo Square of the city. The concerts also had another special significance; it was the first time in 50 years that the world’s third biggest arena hosted musical performances. The free shows boasted 150,000 people in attendance and on the last day of the festival, Mercan Dede took the stage in front of more than 25,000 of them. Embarking on a North American tour in June that will have him perform in Toronto, New york, Cleveland, and Chicago, Mercan Dede will continue full steam ahead to Germany and Norway afterwards.




Public Polling Continue!

The Turkish Music Awards that began in 1994, nominated Earth in the best instrumental album category. The public, through online voting decides winners, which is still on going. You can follow the nominees’ progress at the link below.



About Earth


Earth has been Mercan Dede’s longest work in progress. It has logged in approximately 1100 hours of studio work, not counting the over 200 hours of ambient sound recordings from all around the world. Earth hit record stands in May of 2013.

Earth is a double CD; the mostly acoustic nine pieces of Sunrise invites the souls of listeners to dance while the electronic and more energetic eight songs of Sunset inspires the body. The names of each song also represent a special facet of Earth. Sunrise includes: Meçhul (Obscure), Aziz (Beloved), Garip (Bizarre), Masal (Story), Hayal (Dream), Nafi (Beneficial), Fani (Mortal), Toz Pembe (Powder Rose/Rose-Colored Glasses), and Binbir (A Thousand and One). Sunset is made up of; Dream (Rüya), Secret  (Sır), Hidden (Gizli), Magical (Sihirli), Sacred (Kutsal), Mysterious (Bilinmez), Wonderous (Harikulade), Miracle (Mucizevi ).