800 Album (2007)
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1- 800 (7:43)
2- Everyone's Palace (6:55)
3- Mercanistan (7:11)
4- Book of Wings (6:32)
5- The Sun Rises in the East (5:24)
6- Messenger From Mystery (8:37)
7- Captive (6:02)
8- Cotton Princess and Seven Midgets vs Ali Baba and the Forty Eskimos (6:44)
9- Istanbul (6:35)
10- Lullaby for a Sweet, Chubby, Lonely Mermaid (3:44)
11- Where Are You (7:21)
Doublemoon Records (2007)  
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Focusing on the divine beauty of the ney, percussive instruments, and poetic vocals in various languages, Mercan Dede puts forth an album dedicated to his teacher, the Mevlana in celebration of his 800th birthday. Music, dance and poetry were art forms integral to the Mevlana`s teachings, and on this album Mercan Dede creates a final tribute that fully conveys the lessons the Mevlana set out to teach eight centuries ago. Peace is the central theme of this album and as a result it sets out to convey humanistic messages and poems from one track to the next.