Dear Friends,

Six years have passed and with every inquiry about what I've been up to and with every voice that chimed in to ask about me, I've felt your absence more deeply.

For six years I've received your letters and messages. Your utmost sincerity and patience have touched my heart and soul and I can't express how much I appreciate your love, your support, and your inspiration.

There are a lot of things to be said but my feelings are hard to articulate, especially in our language that's so layered in meanings and subtext. Rather than going on and on, everything that I want to say, my words, my dreams, my stories, and all your questions, are answered through this effort; Earth.

That being said, this album contains the amazing efforts of many beautiful and talented friends, some of who labored on this project with more fervor than even I could summon. I felt it was my responsibility to share their stories, photos, and experiences with you and I'm honored and grateful to do so.

But it's so hard to fit all the anecdotes in just these pages. This Earth of ours is already so exhausted, broken, and burned, it didn't sit right in our souls to allow even one more tree to suffer for our gain.

After creating this album, we made a personal, candid, and informative website for our whole world which includes you and your contributions along with our adventures. In time we plan to have weekly updates not only detailing the making of Earth, but all the ways our Earth has helped and selflessly given itself to us, not to mention the global problems it faces everyday. Slowly, slowly, in our own time, in our own rhythm, with no hasty decisions or rushing, we'll share all of this with you and hope to keep sharing and interacting for years to come.

As always we won't insist nor force you but rather invite you to be part of this family of friends. We present this website to you in the hopes that if you want to lose yourself in the music, if you want our paths to cross, we'll be here to greet you
with love, friendship, and goodwill.

Love Always,