"Stop stop stop is there no laughter, hey...
Don’t even say that.
There isn’t and there is,
We’ll sit around and have such a cry that
laughter will be jealous."


(Barefoot Baldhead)

"When you’re alone and have no one,
or you’re lost in the darkness,
I would have loved to show you
the immense lightness in your being."


I’ve always chosen to stay to the side, closer to the shore, not to take up too much space in life.
If only so I wouldn't step on the toes, even by accident, of someone whose heart is in their own pain,

grief, pleasure.

Though we haven't succeeded, at least we haven't given up.

Walking in a hidden and dark forest by ourselves, we welcomed the signs that greeted us suddenly, and we warmed our hearts with friends by the fire when the moon-LIGHT waned and clasped each

others' hands.

Our bodies desolate in this huge universe, our souls quiet.
Really, our true friends cried with such sincere smiles that laughter grew jealous.

Mercan Dede