To My Rose...
Time goes by, People go by...
Everything in life comes to an end; time is such that even passion has no time for it.
The heart’s desire fades, it passes with the soul,
Not too often but seasons, too, go by.
The heat comes, the winter comes, the spring goes by.
I’ve only just learned how heavy a stone can be, how fire only burns where it falls.
Is love also fire?
It does burn every heart it fells.
The seasons don’t bring teardrops yet,
It is the season of love,
Oh, the Rose Lady of my love, you are my fifth season.
You’re not just you,
You’re me, You’re with me, You’re mine...

Hz. Mevlana (Rumi)

Taken from the introduction of Hz. Mevlana’s (Rumi) letter to the lady Gevher from his book, “The Teardrops of Love.”.

The one who births, who nurtures, who shows kindness and compassion,
Closer to her soul, More intimate with her heart, Freer with her body,
The one who deserves more power and the right to make decisions than anyone in life,
She earned it; the apple of our eyes and our life source,
This is dedicated to all the world’s women.

India; magical, extraordinary, sorrowful, melancholic, India. India, who reveals more beauty and

depth within its melancholy, India.

India, the birthplace of one of mankind’s clearest reflections of light; Gandhi. The land where he was born, India; molded out of sorrow and fate and despair. India, where people literally sweeten the bitter with honey and where huge smiles still somehow light the path of their lives.

We start this journey with our respected and educated guide’s words:

“Lord Shiva is both a man and a woman; without the woman counterpart, man is nothing. If the world is to surface from drowning in this economic crisis, it will be women who accomplish it. We need to clear the path for women to become leaders.

The time for woman is coming in this new millennium; it is their time to shine. True power is the power of woman, and it is their time to take over all creation and lead it forward. It is time for the world to let them step ahead now. Wherever there are women in charge, there is less depravity and bribery. Men can never have, “power,” just violence, only women have true power.”

As soon as he finished speaking, like an omen of truth, we were held up by a group of over five thousand women coming down the road. Dressed in every shade imaginable, carrying vases of even more colorful flowers atop their heads, they all walked the path singing their hymns, giggling, and smiling in the riot of color on the way to their temple. In this moment, our record of these colors, prayers, and chants was born the soul of BELOVED (Aziz).

For us, one of the world’s most important socials concerns is, “woman.” The time has come for those women we have too long ignored, shoved, aside, hurt, excluded, dismissed, and belittled to shine, to lead, to rule. We believe in this with our hearts, minds, and entire beings.

Mercan Dede